Special education in Europe

JPEG - 37.7 kbThe Special Forces of the U.S. army were created to use their military skills with a focus on conducting unconventional warfare operations, mainly by fomenting riots or assassinating political opponents. Washington secretly deploys them in 78 countries, while denying their existence, even though the budget for their missions exceeds 10 billion dollars annually. The proliferation of these forces should enable Washington to extend its invisible dictatorship around the globe.

A single accident can sometimes uncover a whole “secret war”. This is what happened in Yemen, where in Sana’a a member of the U.S. Special Forces and a CIA agent shot at two men and killed them. According to the official version, they were two Al Qaeda terrorists who had attempted to kidnap them. The incident, as clear as day, sparked a wave of protests against the government, already accused of allowing CIA drones launched from a Saudi base to operate in Yemen.

The Pentagon – asserted the New York Times – has intensified the operations of its special forces in Yemen. A country of great importance for its geostrategic position on the Strait of Bab el-Mandeb which straddles the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, and is a transit chokepoint for major oil and trade routes linking Asia and Europe. Situated across from Yemen, 30 kms away along the African coast, Djibouti is home to the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, with approximately 4, 000 men attached to the U.S. Special Forces. Using helicopters and special aircraft, they carry out night-time raids, particularly in neighboring Somalia and Yemen, flanked by contractors such as sharpshooters and experts in assassination techniques. Special Forces seconded to the Africa Command (AFRICOM) are operating in Nigeria and in many other African countries. They are part of the Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), which was used by Republican George W. Bush, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq, and has assumed a new importance under Democratic President Obama.

JPEG - 23.3 kbIn this cult book, Admiral McRaven describes wildest commando operations in history, including the fake killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

The Obama administration – wrote the Washington Post – ” prefers covert action rather than the use of conventional force.” USSOCOM commander Admiral William McRaven attested one month ago before a Senate committee that U.S. special operations forces are active in 78 countries worldwide, either through direct involvement or by training local units.

The admiral failed to specify which countries, merely indicating that a new Special Forces Command, also encompassing NATO forces, was set up in Afghanistan. Hence, Washington’s war in Afghanistan will not stop, but simply switch into “covert” mode.

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Education: English Immersion questions

2002-06-05 10:40:38 by Coryn

I am expecting a special friend of mine to come to the bay area later this year from Eastern Europe. She will be bringing her 12 year old son for at least 3 to 6 months.
I know that we can enroll him in a local school, but his English is very basic and he will need to be in the immersion program or what passes for bilingual education these days.
We are in the Lafayette area, and my question is about the quality of the education available to foreign students and what difficulties we will encounter. Does anyone have any experience or comments about this?
Thank you,

From MSNBC online

2008-08-21 08:17:09 by Coughed_Up_A_Smurf

...African American students are more than twice as likely to be paddled. The disparity persists even in places with large black populations, the study found. Similarly, Native Americans were more than twice as likely to be paddled, the study found.
The study also found:
In states where paddling is most common, black girls were paddled more than twice as often as white girls.
Boys are three times as likely to be paddled as girls.
Special education kids were more likely to be paddled.
More than 100 countries worldwide have banned paddling in schools, including all of Europe...

I see where you're trying to take this.

2010-11-09 14:14:47 by engltchr

No. Taking money out of the schools will NOT improve them. You are advocating for giving government tax dollars to private institutions so your pet educational wish can be fulfilled. This is not the topic of this thread nor within the purpose of tax monies.
Undermining the public schools is a way to create an underclass of uneducated, or minimally educated "worker-drones" who will be compliant with government and company dictums simply because they lack the wherewithal to think critically. This doesn't serve the citizenry, only the special interests.
MOST European nations do not force ALL their children to attend school until they are 18

Link and comments.

2009-07-13 20:01:08 by edugirl

Also, go to a country's governmental website, and look in their education sections. The educational systems are sufficiently different, that one cannot expect a search using American educational terms to yield results about non-American educational systems.
That was my experience, at least, in trying to help someone with the Irish public educational system.
I have to say, that music is music if you are considering Europe or Canada

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Free College education in Europe

College education in Europe

Cheap education in Europe