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Marian Corcoran, Accenture (Leadership, advocacy)

Marian Corcoran is a client director in Accenture's Strategy Business and is a director of Accenture in Ireland. She recently sponsored Accenture's research, 'Powering economic growth: Attracting more young women into science and technology', as part of the Women Invent Tomorrow campaign with Silicon Republic. She is also a strong advocate of the importance of skills in science and technology as to actively participate and succeed in the new digital economy. In her spare time, Corcoran is relearning coding with her son at CoderDojo in Dublin City University (DCU). She has a BSc in biotechnology from DCU and is a chartered director at the Institute of Directors in Ireland.

Edel Creely, Irish Software Association (Leadership, software)

Edel Creely was involved in setting up, following the acquisition of IT Focus and the merger of Team DBA, and is now managing director. With more...

Catherine Cronin Julie Cullen Julie Davenport
The MIT Press 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School
Book (The MIT Press)

It's not exactly that way in Europe

2005-05-21 21:00:10 by nonoelpayaso

The reason why in the US you have to take general ed courses is because the high school students don't get to study those matters in high school. In Europe, high school students all get to study advanced algebra, philosophy, economics, two languages and other matters that many US high school students never tough.
So it's just two different systems. It's not true that in Europe, only the top students get to go to college or universities. Most of those who graduate from high school go to college. But only the best get to go to the top engineering and business schools.

Good kid murdered by Berkeley trash

2008-05-05 10:10:58 by American_Pimp

BERKELEY -- The fatal stabbing of a UC Berkeley honors student from Bellflower left two families in anguish Sunday as they struggled to figure out how prefinals revelry had deteriorated into death and detention.
Although details of the fracas early Saturday were still being sorted out, the incident laid bare the two faces of this college town on San Francisco Bay -- the world-class university and multimillion-dollar hillside homes with sweeping views versus the poor and working-class bungalows and apartments of the flatlands.
Christopher Wootton, 21, an engineering student who was weeks from graduation, was supposed to spend Saturday with two of his closest friends, buying tickets for a summertime trip to Europe

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