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2013-14 Events
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CREES students with Victor Shenderovich
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Zamek Królewski, Kraków
CREES has long been invested in making The University of Michigan a center of Polish studies in North America

Ann Arbor in Russian Literature:
Revisiting the Carl R. Proffer and Ardis Legacies
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Gök-Tepe, Turkmenistan
Site of a fortress where imperial Russian troops massacred Turkmen warriors in 1881; a mosque was built there commemorating President Saparmurad Niyazov's 1992 hajj to Mecca.

CREES students with Russian writer Victor Shenderovich Zamek Królewski, Kraków Proffers and Ardis staff Saparmurad Niyazov (Turkmenbashi)

Pick u up!

2010-03-05 15:32:52 by WealthyGuy6

I think some of you need a pick me up pep talk to get you through these hard times.
I went to an Ivy Leage university, am am very securely employed in a high powered and interesting field and make north of $200k a year and another $50k or so target bonus - though its been lower since the recession took hold :( I'm also very healthy, women tell me I'm handsome, articulate and intelligent and I have to say its been working for me. I've boned 3 women this year, thats one a month and its only March 5th so far this year, each of them scorching hot. The last one was a 20 year old nurse who was insatiable

TMI cancers fine, and harmless Fukushima

2013-11-21 12:10:34 by Tek_Jansen

...Three Mile Island had resulted in only a "a minor release" of radiation, agreed Stone, adding that, in the US, "not a single death has occurred from commercial nuclear power in the entire 50-year history."
Later, Stone said of the Fukushima accident: "Nobody has died, nobody has gotten sick, and according to the best science in the World Health Organization, nobody ever will." What WHO (2/28/13) actually says is that "the estimated risk for specific cancers in certain subsets of the population in Fukushima Prefecture has increased," and that one-third of the emergency workers at the plant have an increased cancer risk

Chimp to Man to History Books: The Path of AIDS

2011-10-18 14:28:16 by porkpiehat
October 17, 2011
Our story begins sometime close to 1921, somewhere between the Sanaga River in Cameroon and the Congo River in the former Belgian Congo. It involves chimps and monkeys, hunters and butchers, “free women” and prostitutes, syringes and plasma-sellers, evil colonial lawmakers and decent colonial doctors with the best of intentions. And a virus that, against all odds, appears to have made it from one ape in the central African jungle to one Haitian bureaucrat leaving Zaire for home and then to a few dozen men in California gay bars before it was even noticed — about 60 years after its journey began

Here's bagel/bialy article

2004-09-24 16:55:43 by lucky_dog

[scroll to bottom for addresses]
Was Life Better When Bagels Were Smaller?
Ed Levine. New York Times. (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y.: Dec 31, 2003. pg. F.1
Copyright New York Times Company Dec 31, 2003
PARIS has its baguettes and Dublin its soda bread. San Francisco trades heavily in sourdough, while New Orleans greets each morning with beignets. It wouldn't be Philadelphia without soft pretzels and it couldn't be Bonn without pumpernickel. But no city, perhaps in the history of the world, is so closely identified with a breadstuff as New York is with the bagel

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We know that Europe's top universities rely on its financing, and it's our goal to get many more companies participating in the programme. So the steps we are taking will have a very real effect on the women and men who participate in the projects.

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We know that Europe's top universities rely on its financing, and it's our goal to get many more companies participating in the programme. So the steps we are taking will have a very real effect on the women and men who participate in the projects.

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