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Wonsoon Park pollinates the flower of the Victoria waterlily at Yeomiji Botanical Garden, South Korea.Wonsoon and I first met when he attended the annual pool and BBQ party for Longwood Gardens students at Chanticleer. After graduating from the Longwood Graduate Program in public garden management, he returned to South Korea where he now tends and designs plantings. It has been interesting to discover how horticulture is seen and practiced in Korea especially when much attention have been focused on China and Japan.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Wonsoon Park, a plant lover. I majored in Horticultural Science from Seoul National University, and went through several jobs as a book editor. Then I changed my career to be a horticulturist. Recently I have completed the International Gardener Training Program at Longwood Gardens, and Longwood Graduate Program in Public Horticulture at the University of Delaware.The tulip display at Samsung Everland Company Now I’m working for Samsung Everland company as a Senior Manager of the Park Landscape Center.

The arts or horticulture?

The arts based on horticulture

Despite graduating with a degree in horticultural science, you were a book editor prior to your professional development as a horticulturist. How did you first become interested in horticulture and why did you return to the profession?

Tulips en masse at the Everland Park.I grew up in rural town where I helped my family to work for rice paddies and vegetable gardens, and this led me to choose Horticultural Science for my college major. Those plants in the gardens were not the fancy and showy ones but onions, sesame, pepper and cabbages, and my grandmother grew some grapes and persimmon in her backyard garden. So the first impression of horticulture to me was sort of farming or agriculture until I found its real charm later.

I became a book editor since I loved reading and producing books about science and nature. While I was exposed to many books about plants and gardens, I rediscovered horticulture, especially when I visited New York Book Expo in 2003. I’d like to learn more about horticulture not about agriculture but about flowers and gardens. Soon I was obsessed by the world of horticulture and I traveled to many gardens and natural areas whenever I had free time, before I moved to Jeju Island, the most beautiful and ecologically important island in Korea, not only to work in a botanical garden named Yeomiji but also to explore the island’s unique flora and nature.

What does your job involve?

I’m currently working for Samsung Everland Company, which has the largest amusement park in Korea like the Disney World. There are several display gardens including the Four Seasons Garden and Rose Garden within the park. As the Senior Manager, I’m mainly in charge of planting design in the park area including the Four Seasons Garden which is a year-round garden from tulip displays to winter holiday season mingled with garden ornaments according to various themes.

Heewon Garden, at the Ho-Am Art Museum, is a recreation of a traditional Korean garden. Traditional Korean gardens are less concerned with human intervention (less formal pruning) and more so with spiritual balance and harmony while preserving a wild natural feeling. Jeju Island's diversity of habitats makes it ideal for a travel destination to see Korean flora. The pale orange flowers of Lycoris chejuense glow against the bracken fern at Jeju Island. Crinum asiaticum var. japonicum inhabits wet habitats in Korea.
Oxford University Press Domestication of Plants in the Old World: The origin and spread of domesticated plants in Southwest Asia, Europe, and the Mediterranean Basin
Book (Oxford University Press)

Iceland won a legal battle to avoid being

2013-01-28 16:40:06 by Gr8_job_RWer

Forced to pay back the British and Dutch governments for not honouring deposit guarantees for savers in failed online banking operation Icesave.
The victory in the court of the European Free Trade Association has raised questions over the effectiveness of bank deposit guarantee schemes at times of systemic crisis, according to some legal experts.
The court ruled in Iceland’s favour over Icesave, the online offering of collapsed bank Landsbanki, because it said the country suffered such a large financial crisis.
Michael Waibel, a law lecturer at the University of Cambridge, said Iceland had argued that a systemic banking crisis should be dealt with using different tools to deposit schemes:
“The court sided fully with Iceland on the crucial legal and policy...

I'm feeling I'm being Had

2007-09-22 19:42:00 by -

I was happy to hear that NYC didn't allow Iranian President Ahmadinejad to place a wreath at the WTC site. And I was happy that Columbia University is rescinding the offer to let him speak. If you let a guy like that express his views, before long the entire world will want freedom of speech.
I hate Ahmadinejad for all the same reasons you do. For one thing, he said he wants to "wipe Israel off the map." Scholars tell us the correct translation is more along the lines of wanting a change in Israel's government toward something more democratic, with less gerrymandering. What an ass-muncher!
Ahmadinejad also called the holocaust a "myth

Kagan would be quite willing to fashion her

2010-05-12 14:55:05 by puterputz

Kagan would be quite willing to fashion her legal arguments to attain her liberal/left policy goals, and that is exactly what her other writings show. Her 1993 article “Regulation of Hate Speech and Pornography After R.A.V,” (60 University of Chicago Law Review 873; available on Lexis/Nexis) indicates someone who is entirely on board with seeking ways to circumscribe free speech in the interests of multicultural virtue… She acknowledges that the Supreme Court is unlikely to alter its stance that speech based on viewpoint is protected by the First Amendment, but she sees that as subject to change with a different majority… Clearly, she does not see the protection of viewpoint-based speech as a principle worth preserving or set in stone

Obesity Driving Rising U.S. Health Costs

2007-10-02 11:20:20 by zeb431

Just in case anyone has any lingering doubts as to the major, or NUMBER ONE cause of health care crisis.....
Obesity is a big factor driving soaring rates of chronic disease in the United States, with many more Americans chronically ill than their European counterparts, a new study finds.
It's an expensive problem, too: According to researchers, chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease account for some $100 to $150 billion in health-care spending in the United States each year.
"The United States spends twice as much as European countries on health care," noted lead researcher Kenneth Thorpe, chairman of the department of health policy and management at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health in Atlanta

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We know that Europe's top universities rely on its financing, and it's our goal to get many more companies participating in the programme. So the steps we are taking will have a very real effect on the women and men who participate in the projects.

Emerald Honeybee FLOWER STRUCTURE on plants, Plate 57 Illustration by John Miller Botanical Studies from 1789 Poster print. Featured plants: Small Shrubby Coronilla, Verbena, Mat Grass, Yellow Fumatory, Peach Tree, Mexerium, Jasmine, Satin (Eternal ).
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