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robotic surgery trainingUniversity Hospital of Nancy

Led by Dr. Jacques Hubert, the University Hospital of Nancy, France, is conducting regular training courses to teach surgeons from all over Europe to use the da Vinci® Surgical System. The hospital purchased its first dV-Trainer in 2008 and two more in 2009. With the addition of another two units in 2011, the University Hospital of Nancy now represents the largest concentration of robotic surgery simulators in the world, with five total units.

Dr. Hubert and associates offer a two part course that includes lectures, videos, simulation and da Vinci training. In the first phase of the course, surgeons spend three days alternating between lectures and simulation training. On the fourth day, surgeons get their first chance to practice with a da Vinci system. The trainees then return two months later for additional training on the dV-Trainer and the da Vinci. Trainees have given the course glowing reviews, with many requesting to visit again and pay for additional time on the Mimic simulators.

Dr. Hubert’s group is also very active in research and validation. Dr. Cyril Perrenot and others recently published one of the largest validation studies to date on the dV-Trainer, involving 75 subjects. This study, the first to look at reliability in addition to validity, concluded that the dV-Trainer is a valid tool to assess robotic surgery skills. The results further proved the face, content, construct, and concurrent validity of the dV-Trainer.

More about Mimic Technologies

Mimic Technologies is a pioneer and leader in Robotic Surgery Simulation. The dV-Trainer™, introduced in 2007, was the first simulator to recreate the look and feel of the da Vinci® Surgery System. Mimic’s proprietary surgical simulation platform, MSim™, provides realistic and cost-effective on-demand training for da Vinci® S and Si surgeons, and MScore™ provides performance evaluation that uses a new proficiency-based scoring system to assess a trainee’s progress over time. Together with leading institutions, Mimic continues to develop next generation learning tools and curricula that will advance robotic surgery training and improve

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Reflections on American Injustice: Edward Said

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Reflections on American injustice
By Edward Said
A few days ago the third United Nations official in charge of the oil for food program in Iraq, Jutta Purghardt, resigned the job in protest, preceded in the same sense of outrage and futility by the two men who had filled the post before her, Dennis Halliday and Hans von Sponeck, both of whom had also resigned. So terrible are the results of the US-maintained sanctions against that country's civilian population and infrastructure that not even a seasoned international humanitarian official can tolerate the agony of what those sanctions have wrought

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