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We all aspire to get a higher education. Choosing where to go for college is always a big decision. Getting the best education goes hand in hand with choosing the field of study you intend to pursue. Not only do you get a quality education but the prestige of being associated with that university.

The top ten universities in the world are split between the United States of America and the United Kingdom. There is a cautious approach people take when applying to any one of these schools. Often, those who apply are children of alumni of these universities. There are students who have been given the nurture to aim for the best, which result in them going to the top university.

Not only do these universities attract the best possible students, they also are able to lure the best teachers to their school. Many of those listed are schools that have historically produced leaders in society. These schools produce professionals who have excelled in their chosen field: Medicine, Engineering, Education, Business, the Sciences, Economics, Law, and Public Service.

Two of the universities listed from the USA connote academic excellence, strict admissions guidelines, and social elitism, can you say Ivy League? This is what the list reflects.

Cambridge University – England

Also known as Cambridge University is located in the United Kingdom in the city of Cambridge. The university is celebrating its 800th year. It is recognized as the second oldest university in the English-speaking world. Cambridge was first established in 1209 by academicians who had left Oxford.

It is the leading university in Europe when it comes to academics. They have also produced 88 Nobel Prize winners. Cambridge is a public university. To date, they have an administrative staff of 8, 614 and an enrollment of 18, 396 students.

Among the notable alumni of Cambridge University include Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Francis Bacon, Francis Crick and James D. Watson (DNA model), Oliver Cromwell, and Lord Alfred Tennyson just to name a few.

Harvard University – USA

Established by the legislature of Massachusetts in 1636, Harvard University is a private university in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is named after John Harvard, its first benefactor. Originally a college that trained clergy, the curriculum and the students became more secular during the eighteenth century.

Not only is Harvard recognized as one of the oldest establishments for higher learning, it also is the first corporation formed in the United States. At present, the academic staff numbers 2, 107; the administrative staff compose of 2, 497 non-medical and 10, 674 medical; their student total population currently is at 21, 125.

Many of Harvard’s past graduates have included a handful of American presidents and political leaders: John Hancock, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and George W. Bush to name a few. In addition, many movie stars that graduated from Harvard: Jack Lemmon, Natalie Portman, Matt Damon, and Tommy Lee Jones among them.

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In that sense

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Culture is an extension of European culture.
We began as Englishmen and considered ourselves to be Englishmen until 1776.
We had waves of immigrants from all over Europe. The Germans were so strong we almost fought a civil war over the bilingual question German/English both on an equal footing. All of these Europeans influenced the original English culture.
Our universities were built on a European model.
Popular culture has always been around. There are hundreds of names of popular novelists of the 19th century like Monk Lewis, etc. etc. that no one has heard of today but who formed popular culure

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