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Heidelberg UniversityLife sucks when you realise that others all over the world are studying in these five awesome universities for free. According to QS World University Rankings, these five universities are top ranked universities.

They are ranked higher than University of St Andrews (Prince William studied there), University of Western Australia (Alumni include Australia’s 23rd PM Bob Hawke and former Transport Minister Yeo Cheow Tong), and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Chinese President Jiang Zemin is an alumnus).

Heidelberg University 1Disclaimer: By free, we mean you do not have to pay tuition fees at these universities, but you will still have to pay miscellaneous administrative charges per semester.

1. Heidelberg University

Want to soak in Oktoberfest? You can do so while you pay 134 euros in fees per semester at Heidelberg University. Fun fact: 55 Nobel prize winners are connected with Heidelberg University. 10 of them were or still are professors at the university.

QS World University Rankings: 50 vs NUS (24), NTU (41), SMU (unranked)

Famous Alumni: Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Classical composer Robert Schumann, philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach, poet Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff and Literature Nobel Laureate Carl Spitteler and political theorist Hannah Arendt.

Copenhagen University2. University of Copenhagen

Technically, the University of Copenhagen is not free if you’re Singaporean. It is free only for citizens in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EAA) and Nordic countries. You could however try to apply for a permit with the possibility of permanent residence to be exempted from tuition fees. Fun fact: 8 Nobel Prize winners hail from the University of Copenhagen.

QS World University Rankings: 45 vs NUS (24), NTU (41), SMU (unranked)

Famous Alumni: Three Danish Prime Ministers Poul Schlüter (1982–1993), Jens Otto Krag (1962–1968, 1971–1972), Anders Sandøe Ørsted (1853–1854); Danish theologian and philosopher Søren Kierkegaard; Physics nobel laureate Niels Bohr, who contributed to development of the Atomic model and Quantum Mechanics, and Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger, poet and author of lyrics of the Danish national anthem

Copenhagen University 1 Lund university Lund university 1 Glasgow_University

Europe Happy (part 1)

2004-10-24 20:51:36 by grindle

It's easy to buy into Europe has it better nonesense. Take it from someone who has lived there.
Reality: Tuition is cheap - In many universities admission is impossible. Need for certain occupations is determined in advance and when allocations are filled, no one is allowed to enroll. Many identify their occupation at 12-14 years of age and without passing rigid examinations, individuals are forced into trade training.
Healthcare is free! When I lived in Europe you could visit a physician on a first come, first served basis. You went to the doctor's office and waited three or four hours for your turn

NO WAY!!! i went to uw

2006-02-24 05:49:36 by fellow_sconnie--

If your interested in transfering to an out of state school, look at minnesota. since your a resident of wisconsin, you'll qualify for reciprocity. you'll be able to attend their colleges/universities while paying wisconsin instate tuition rates. look up the wisconsin board of higher education for more details on that if the europe thing doesn't work out.
good luck!!


2008-05-11 04:12:29 by _confidence_

I have no confidence that Congress would repeal the income tax or replace it with the Fair Tax or VAT or a national Sales Tax. Like Europe, I believe we would have both and simply pay more tax in total. I cannot imagine Congress ever deleting the current system.
And the title given to this is generally missleading. Our state was told we would increase the quality of education with an increase in the sales tax (three times) and we have an "Education Lottery" which is relatively new. And yet we continue to battle for next to last place in our nation for educating our kids. And we still graduate 25-30% of our high school students that are functionally illiterate

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