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This post was written by undergraduate student Jess Hetzel.

How do I see the world differently since I studied abroad?

Since freshman year, I’ve been told by students who have studied abroad, “It was my best experience at Carolina.” Now that I have studied abroad, I have to agree. Last spring, I had the opportunity to study abroad at the in Vallendar, Germany. I arrived in Germany hoping to expand my understanding of German business, and experience the diverse cultures within Europe. I had no idea that I would gain such a rich education in international business.

I met professors and fellow exchange students eager to share their personal experiences working and studying in their home countries. It was surprising to hear the similarities and differences between companies throughout the world. From spending four months abroad and interacting with my new friends, I see how connected the world is – in business, in education and in relationships. Even small business decisions made in the US can greatly affect individuals in Europe, Mexico, or Singapore.The international relationships I now have are invaluable and have given me a broader global awareness. I no longer see the world as a collection of divided countries, economies, and societies, but as an ever-expanding network. Universities in Turkey may be structured differently, but aim to inspire and motivate students as Carolina does.

Editor’s note:

WHU- Otto Beisheim School of Management is one of 9 European schools where UNC Kenan-Flagler undergraduates may study for spring or fall semester exchange. WHU is a small, highly prestigious private university located in Vallendar, Germany. Recognized as one of the top three business schools in Germany for its academic excellence and international focus, WHU offers a high caliber education and access to professional development opportunities. The deadline to for spring semester exchange is September 17, 2012. Find out more about WHU and all

Europe Happy (part 1)

2004-10-24 20:51:36 by grindle

It's easy to buy into Europe has it better nonesense. Take it from someone who has lived there.
Reality: Tuition is cheap - In many universities admission is impossible. Need for certain occupations is determined in advance and when allocations are filled, no one is allowed to enroll. Many identify their occupation at 12-14 years of age and without passing rigid examinations, individuals are forced into trade training.
Healthcare is free! When I lived in Europe you could visit a physician on a first come, first served basis. You went to the doctor's office and waited three or four hours for your turn

NO WAY!!! i went to uw

2006-02-24 05:49:36 by fellow_sconnie--

If your interested in transfering to an out of state school, look at minnesota. since your a resident of wisconsin, you'll qualify for reciprocity. you'll be able to attend their colleges/universities while paying wisconsin instate tuition rates. look up the wisconsin board of higher education for more details on that if the europe thing doesn't work out.
good luck!!


2008-05-11 04:12:29 by _confidence_

I have no confidence that Congress would repeal the income tax or replace it with the Fair Tax or VAT or a national Sales Tax. Like Europe, I believe we would have both and simply pay more tax in total. I cannot imagine Congress ever deleting the current system.
And the title given to this is generally missleading. Our state was told we would increase the quality of education with an increase in the sales tax (three times) and we have an "Education Lottery" which is relatively new. And yet we continue to battle for next to last place in our nation for educating our kids. And we still graduate 25-30% of our high school students that are functionally illiterate

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