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Having considered this, the best way forward that suits the context in our countries has to be sustainable and consistent. It was agreed by the participants that there isn’t one solution for all but something is needed that offers flexible assessment for relevant specific English language skills. Some had found that the British council’s new English language assessment tool, APTIS provided just that.

British Council’s work in assessing needs for international research collaboration indicates that presenting research to attract international partners and preparing bids for funding are crucial. Therefore, equipping researchers with necessary English language skills consist of all elements of communication – reading, writing, listening and speaking. As Helen Silvester, Director Education Turkey and Wider Europe said “English is not so much a subject to learn but a vital 21st Century skill”

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2006-12-15 04:03:17 by TuitionFreeUniversities

I was smart enough to find out a little known secret: hundreds of top notch universities in Europe offer tuition free study. I studied management in Sweden where I got an MSC. in Management.
I know alot of people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to study in America when they can study tuition free in Europe plus get an almost guaranteed visa. If you are interested in learning more, send me an email. All of the programs are taught in English. I'm sorry, I am not an admissions counselor so I can't answer thousands of emails (i.e. I am not listing my personal address)

I could be wrong about this, but my impression

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As I said in a reply above, Latin HAD been THE language of educated people in Europe through the dark ages and for many centuries afterwards.
The University of Paris was the most prestigious university in Europe in the middle ages/renaissance - and all classes were taught in Latin (which is where the name for the neighborhood "the Latin Quarter" comes from) as was the case in ALL major universities throughout europe.
For a long time, Latin was THE language of literacy - books were not written in native tongues but in Latin
I BELIEVE France was the first country in Europe to break with Latin and come up with a dictionary devoted to their native language - a very important device for standardizing pronunciations and spelling (for example, if you read the plays of...

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