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In 1968, the skeletal remains of a Clovis child were found near a rock cliff in central Montana, along with more than 100 burial artifacts found with the boy such as spear points and antler tools. The remains are 12, 600 years old, the oldest such remains fully sequenced.

Several years ago, Waters contacted the group that owns the skeleton and asked for permission to perform genetic testing on the remains. The area where the remains were found is now known as the Anzick site, named after the family who own the land where the site is located.

It is the oldest known human burial from North America and it is the only Clovis-era burial site ever found.

“We were able to extract DNA from the bones and show that the ancestors of this boy originated from Asia. These people eventually migrated to North America, settled the continent, and gave rise to Clovis, ” Waters explains.

Native Americans from Montana, led by the Crow Tribe, will oversee the reburial of the remains in accordance with Native rituals in the near future, Waters said.

artifacts from the Anzick site“We hope that this study leads to more cooperation between Native Americans and scientists. This is just one human genome. We need to know the genetic story of modern Native peoples and derive more genetic data from ancient remains to fully understand the origins and movements of the First Americans and their descendants, ” Waters adds.

He said the skeleton and burial artifacts were covered with red ochre, a type of mineral. The ochre was powdered and used in the burial ceremony. Ochre was often used in prehistoric times as a pigment and in burials.

While not the earliest inhabitants of the Americas, Clovis is the first widespread prehistoric culture that first appeared 13, 000 years ago. Clovis originated south of the large Ice Sheets that covered Canada at that time and are the direct descendants of the earliest people who arrived in the New World around 15, 000 years ago.

Clovis people fashioned their stone spear tips with grooved, or fluted, bases. They invented the ‘Clovis point, ’ a spear-shaped weapon made of stone that is found in Texas and other portions of the United States and northern Mexico. These weapons were used to hunt animals, including mammoths and mastodons, from 13, 000 to 12, 600 years ago.

Waters, who has worked on many Clovis and older sites, says, “It is gratifying to see the genetic evidence meshing with the archaeological evidence. These two methods together will tell the story of the earliest settlers of the Americas.

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Here's a few thought - Pt. 3

2003-11-25 21:04:33 by justmyopinions

Generally, European and former Commonwealth countries are seen by many economists and development practitioners (both from rich & poor nations) as being much more grounded & skilled in tackling complex development and public policy issues than those from the US.
The development & public policy field understandably tends to be more US-centric here, so if you would like to be more of a lobbyist or advocate on national/regional/local issues, US schools are quite appropriate.
If you want to not only have a fresher approach & discipline that you can confidently take to the global level, going out of the US for further studies would not hurt at all, for this may even get you in touch w/ alot of other contacts that may be helpful to you for a long time around the world ;)

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