Cheap education in Europe

madrid2Madrid. Photo by Brandon Jourdan.

Welcome to Europe, a continent incapable of deciding whether or not to let its people sink to death submerged in a sea of surplus capital, a mythical land hated for being centric to the rest of the world, a dead history to the young born here and a living future to those who come. Europe is to the world in the 21st century what the United States was in the 20th: a dreamland full of hope for upward mobility, full of quacks and schemers, full of new migrants from the south and east, a place to start over and try to make it through hard work, where everyone can fit in and belong to one giant union. At least, that is the new ideology of Europe. No more sealed-off nations with homogenous peoples tracing their roots to some mythical ancestors. No more wars with each other, no more Bolsheviks, no more separatism. Europe is now a giant toilet bowl of hope and comfort. Wages are low but rents are lower, streets are wide with public squares even wider, and beer is cheap and culture even cheaper.

Some cities are now just playgrounds for the rich, hells for the working class. In Paris, London, and Frankfurt, one can see on any given Sunday anti-police riots by those racialized as others, anti-European Bank summits by those politicized as radicals, anti-debt strikes by those born too late. A surplus of isolated events builds no continuity, no momentum, no force. Some youths throw rocks in Rome and Barcelona, Bologna, and Hamburg, and some cracks in the system’s walls reverberate on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook before disappearing into nothingness again.madrid3 Athens, the exceptional city, has become a permanent war zone, but the war has long been lost by those who suffer it.

That's how it works in europe

2008-02-01 14:15:10 by ManServant_Hecubus

Contraception is cheap and very easy to get in western europe, people have a much more realistic/practical attitude towards sex because they aren't fundies, and they get real sex education. Western europe has by FAR the world's lowest abortion rate (lower than that of places where it is illegal) and the cutoff there is generally 10-12 weeks of gestation.
It would be wonderful if we could follow this model because it's proven to work, but the fundies would never accept it.

BTW Euro education is changing ...

2009-02-07 17:45:42 by ghodaza

Germany, at least, has had free university education for decades, but has been unable to fund it properly the last decade or so.
Free of tuition - still admin fees and books but much cheaper than here.
But that's changing, there's government plans afoot to start charging admission.
Now, Germany is the most technologically advanced country in Europe, so there's also pushback to keep universities tuition-free.
And CA, the most technologically advanced state in the US, had virtually free (dirt cheap) universities from after the war until the

There are good things and bad about Europe

2008-01-05 04:18:58 by juliotangos

As an American who has lived in several different countries, I can say that Europe is not necessarily "better" than America, but that our reputation overseas has been so sullied because of politics mostly so as to need, in my view, general generations in order to return to the standing it once was, before, I'd say, 1991.
One thing I can say, having lived in Eastern Europe for a number of years, Americans are generally thought of to be the "most approachable" and friendly people. To some this may been "guillible".
I live in Moldova, in Eastern Europe, and I love it here

I am hoping that this ridiculous

2007-09-19 21:25:10 by lentilka

Price for basic college education will be a nonissue by the time my now kindergartener is in college.
hoping for the internets to do its trick by that time and make academia accessible and cheap. free would be good too.
otherwise he is on his own, I fear.
my education was free (I am from eastern europe and Phd programs here are free) and my husband is a college drop-out mostly because he couldn't bear to see his parents paying for it anymore.

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