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So You’ve Graduated From College, Now What?

After you graduate from college, the best thing to do before joining the workforce is to pamper yourself with a trip to the classic Europe. There are millions reasons why you should do that and definitely you’ll never regret this amazing experience. Here are just a few reasons to travel to Europe after you finish college:

You’re Free:

School’s over and you are free to do whatever you like now. You are still unmarried, you have no mortgage to worry about, you just graduated and the new job can wait until the fall. So, it is the best time to head for an unforgettable trip in the old Europe and meet some cool new people in cool places.

No More Discounts for 30 plus

The best travel discounts you can get are available for youth 12 to 26 years old. They are called student discounts, however, you do not need to be a student in order to take advantage of them. But if when you’ll be aged over thirty there are less opportunities to benefit from travel discounts. So, now it’s the best time to head for Europe. With international student discount cards you can get, for example, 25% Rail Europe train passes.

Your Career

A trip to Europe will have an impact on your future career. You can brag about on your resume. Employers usually appreciate time spent abroad and in today global economy, such an experience can be an advantage on the workforce market. It shows resourcefulness and initiative from your part and it broadens your horizon. And as a bonus, you’ll get to practice second languages in countries where they are spoken by native speakers. Since most of the Americans do not travel much abroad, you could set yourself apart from the crowd on the workforce market.

traveling through Venice, ItalyHostels Are Cheap

As you’ll get older you will have later in life enough opportunities to become accustomed with family hotels and business hotels. For now, you can still enjoy cheap hostels that cater to travelers in your age range. Take advantage now of this opportunity, when still you can. The life there is just exactly to your liking.

Where to go

Paris, London, Venice, Rome, Vienna, Munich, Switzerland or Greece, are all amazing places to discover. You have so many choices of cities to visit in the old Europe. And you will gather memories for a lifetime. Europe gives you the advantage to be able to see so many places in just a short amount of time. You can enjoy hanging around the Eiffel Tower one day, swimming in a lake in Switzerland another day, riding bikes in Austria and clubbing at night in Munich the day after.

The distances between big European cities are short and the travel network is efficient, whether by rail, by car or by plane. From the hype of London to the glamour of Paris, from the majesty of the Greek isles to the ancient Roman ruins, Europe’s great variety of places, people and traditions is the perfect setting for a great vacation.

Visit Europe’s most famous cities and its greatest landscapes and monuments. Enjoy the glorious art of Italy, the sun kissed beaches of Greece, and the cosmopolitan atmosphere in London. Capture the beauty of Europe’s countryside, and the flavor of its old cities, bask under the Greece’s or Spain’s sunshine, climb the Eiffel Tower, and sample the traditional delicacies of France, England, Greece, and Italy. Europe with all its splendors, awaits for you. It is the best setting for a journey that educates you in Europe’s millenary traditions.

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