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Many people obviously think of the US with its outstanding universities like Harvard or Stanford when considering to study overseas. However, also Europe has great opportunities to offer and you should not miss them! Check out your study abroad opportunities with the help of StudyPortals and find out if your perfect place to study is maybe in Sweden or Italy instead of Massachusetts or California!

Outstanding quality

European universities have an excellent reputation and many of them can be found among the top 100 universities according to popular world-wide rankings such as the Times ranking published by the Times Higher Education Supplement. They are not only offering state-of-art facilities and countless research opportunities but Europe and its universities do also have a long tradition of higher education for many centuries.

Great value for money

In Europe, especially continental Europe, the higher education systems are heavily subsidized by their national governments. Search for a maximum tuition fee at MastersPortal and you will be surprised how many universities offer you high-class education for little money or even free of charge! We compared the top 100 universities according to the Times ranking and figured out, that the tuition fees of the top universities of continental Europe are on average 75% less compared to the top universities in the USA. You can see that European universities are an excellent as well as a cheap alternative for your studies.

Besides, in total there is 15.6 billion euro worth of scholarships available every year, which can support you financially during your studies in Europe. ScholarshipPortal can help to find the right one for you!

Europe is diverse

Europe is a great place to experience different cultures, traditions and languages which will be a great benefit of studying abroad in Europe: for your personal as well as your professional development. Along the way it also makes you ready for a globalised working environment. You will have the chance to learn different languages like French or German and even be able to work on your degree in different countries if you wish! Of course you should not forget about the numerous travel opportunities. The Acropolis in Athens, the Finnish lakes, the city of love Paris or the bustling night life in Berlin are just a few examples of exciting places in Europe which are waiting for you to be explored! russia dublin city.

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