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It is estimated that the world’s airlines will require 24, 000 new aircraft, which must be greener, cleaner and smarter than ever before. As such, the demand for a skilled work force to keep these aircraft airworthy will be there.China has expressed a need for 210, 000 aircraft maintenance workers in the next five years. That is an astounding number of jobs. Singapore may be a small country but Singapore International Airlines has 90 aircraft in their fleet. India is also seeing an exponential increase in air travel. Aircraft orders from India for Boeing and Airbus planes are absolutely breathtaking. The Middle East is another region that has shown tremendous growth.

Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance students at Nilai University learn and practice on actual planes in the hangar on the university's campus.In most parts of the industry, the salaries for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers would be of a very high order. Good quality engineers with the right certification at the moment are difficult to find. Thus the remuneration is very high for these engineers.

An interview with Steven Sim Wei Onn from Kuala Lumpur who is
studying the Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at Nilai University.

Excellent facilities at Nilai University
What are your views on Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

The airline industry is growing and thus needs more certified staff to maintain the aircrafts. Hence, the opportunity for aircraft engineers is huge. In addition to that aircraft engineering graduates can also opt to further their careers in aviation by applying for aviation institutes and becoming a pilot. A lot of people find Aircraft field scary as they believe flights tend to crash, but I would like to say that cars crash a lot more than flights, and our safety and backup far higher than any other transport mode. That is why Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is a very interesting field to be in.

What do you plan to do after you finish your Diploma?

After finishing my Diploma, I am keeping a few options open. I originally wanted to become a pilot but I though a bit engineering knowledge would help me in the aviation industry, so I might try and fulfill that dream by applying to an aviation institute or I may apply for a Degree in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. I am also open to working first and then continuing my studies, depending on whichever, opportunity comes first. Lastly, I am also thinking of applying for Cadet Engineer, which is and airline sponsorship to further my studies.

Why did you pick Aircraft as your favored course?

I have always been interested in aviation and as I have mentioned before I aspire to be a pilot, but my father urged me to get a diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering first, since it would give me an edge over other pilots, without an engineering background. Also, this course is not something an individual should take simply because their parents want them to, this field requires passion and curiosity, both of which I have.

A career that in high in demand and pays well Nilai's Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance students working on the airplane in the hangar on the university's campus. Nilai University's 105-acre campus is conducive for tertiary studies. The library at Nilai University is well stocked with excellent reference materials to help you succeed.

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