Universities in Europe Offering Medicine

Study Medicine in Rome, Italy

We have now received full details of an exciting opportunity to study medicine entirely in English in Rome. Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is Europe’s largest private university.
The degree is a six-year fully integrated Masters in Medicine and Surgery.

One of the most distinguishing features of the Program is the complete integration of basic and clinical sciences. This will be achieved through a multidisciplinary approach and an early involvement in patient management which includes moral and ethical issues, as well as legal responsibilities

which are at the basis of the profession. In addition medical anthropology, bioethics and medical humanities will be emphasized as well as the ability to communicate with the patient and the family. It will provide a strong specific background, and theoretical and practical preparation in medical practice and methodology, as well as a high level of professional decisions and operational independence in

terms of ability to face and solve the main health problems from the preventive, diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic point of view.

The entry requirements for the medical degree are usually a minimum of BBB at A level ( 5′s and 6′s at IB HL) but the most important criteria is success on the university’s own entrance examination. This covers similar ground to the UKCAT exam and we can supply sample online tests on request.

The entrance exam takes place in London on 3rd April 2014 for entry this autumn and the deadline for registration is 14th March 2014.

You can find full details, including tuition fees, on our website.

Medicine and Dentistry in Spain

In the last two years we have sent a number of dentists (and one medic) to study at various universities in Valencia, Spain. All of these students are extremely happy with their quality of life there so we have every confidence in recommending these options to British students in the future.

Cattolica's logoHere is a summary of the various options that are currently available at Universidad Europea and Cardenal Herrera University.

1. Dentistry at Universidad Europea in Valencia (5 years). This course is taught in English for the first two years and then in Spanish. Fees are €14, 000 per year with an optional care package of €2, 500 to look after students during the first year of their studies. We expect that Valencia will be full very quickly as it has proved to be very popular every year. Cost of living in Valencia is around €500 per month. We are not able to assist students who do not choose to take the care package but in our experience, this is something that offers considerable reassurance to parents. For further details please contact us.

2. Dentistry at Universidad Europea in Madrid (5 years). This is the same programme as taught in Valencia. There is some suggestion that Madrid will be awarded permission to teach entirely in English by the Ministry of Education. This has not yet happened and our advice would certainly be to assume that this will not change. Fees in Madrid are €17, 500 per year. We can offer a 10% discount on these fees but cannot offer any support or care package for students in Madrid. Cost of living in Madrid is about €1, 000 per month.

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