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Since 1993, when UET was established, we have been focusing on education as investment on people’s everyday problem-solving process, in order to help them make better choices for a brighter future; in addition, since the beginning, our mission has been helping students scouting their own hidden skills and tastes, empowering them through our courses, and first-class partnerships hosting internship programs. Every academic year we improve our offer, being flexible to the human resources market demand.

''May you live according to your thoughts or you will think as you live.''
(M. Ambrosecchio, President UET Italia ltd.)

UET European Institute of Tourism, Italian seat of Unité d’Enseignement du Tourisme, founded by European tour operator in France in 1990, present in Italy from 1993 in Milan, Rome and Palermo, is an Universitary School of high specialization in Tourism, with UNI-ISO 9001:2000 Certification.

From 2004 a UET branch is being opened in Shanghai.

UET is authorised by Italian Ministry of Education; the seat in Milan has been acknowledged by Regione Lombardia as well as the seat of Rome by Regione Lazio for superior and continuous education and Regione Sicilia has recognised UET Master in Tourism Management since 2006.

UET has signed an agreement for didactic and scientific cooperation with La Sapienza University of Rome in 2005, with admission of the UET certificates, necessary for obtaining the Degree in Tourism Management at La Sapienza Faculty of Tourism.

UET is the only authorised centre in Italy for SLEST exams, being SLEST the European Linguistic Qualification for Tourist Professionals, – English, French, Spanish, German and Italian for foreigners, which represents the only language learning education system in Tourism field recognised by the European Community.

Tourism sector is increasing constantly all over the world.

Studies and analysis made by national institutes of research prove the great importance that this field has in the economy of a nation.

The professionals involved in this sector at different levels represent the wide range of managers of hotel industry, receptionists, managers of travel agencies, front and back desk employers, tourist leaders and guides, congress and events experts, chefs and food and beverage managers, housekeepers, servants….

All of them need a qualified preparation to work successfully in this field.

UET offers specific services for High Qualified Tourist Specializations by planning, organizing and realizing professional courses to improve and make easier the employment of young people, after their compulsory studies, at tourist companies of all over the world.

Furthermore UET is involved in permanent and continuous education of professionals for updating competences, to support professional growth and re-qualification of the human resources already employed in tourist companies .

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