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Now in its 11th year, the EuroMaster provides students with an advanced academic, theory-based understanding of the policies, the institutions and the socio-economic processes in the European Union.

The EuroMaster is an interdisciplinary programme taught in English geared towards an international range of young and mid-level professionals as well as advanced students from across the political sciences. It provides students with advanced academic training across a wide range of EU policies and concepts in order to gain a thorough understanding of the process of European integration in both its economic and political dimensions. The Programme operates as a ‘Master after Master’, requiring students to have strong and consistent marks across a minimum of 4 years of study.

The EuroMaster offers a common core of courses on the essential features of European Integration. Students can choose between two specialisation streams:

For whom?

The EuroMaster is oriented towards both full-time students as well as professionals, who seek to deepen their understanding of the EU. For this purpose the Euromaster classes are organised after working hours to enable both full-time students and professionals to attend the lectures.

Our location in Brussels

Our location in Brussels, the 'Capital of Europe', offers exceptional opportunities for networking and contact with EU decision-makers.

The composition of the faculty is a balanced mix of high level European officials and other policy makers (all of them have also a research background and a PhD.) as well as VUB/IES staff specialising in European issues. Students can benefit from the support and expertise of the faculty staff and from the research activities at the IES.

The best part of studying European Integration and Development at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels is the creative approach to the issues discussed and the cultural diversity of the programme which is attended by students from all over the world. The topics I have learned about in depth have proven to be excellent theoretical underpinnings for my job. Great friendship developed through the frequently required group work.

Maja Prelog

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