College education in Europe

By Dianne Durawa, Sponsor of Candy '14 and Ardelia '14

Africa Nazarene University

With the Christmas and New Year’s holidays behind us, it is my turn again to contribute to the blog effort. I have enjoyed reading blogs written by so many familiar names from our visit to Kenya as well as some who are new to us.
I remember well our first school visit last March. It was to African Nazarene University, EFAC's strategic partner in Kenya. We sat at a large table holding 13 of us and probably 10 from their staff. We visited with professors and deans and briefly met with the college president. From them we learned of the challenges of educating Kenyan children. While the majority of students supported by EFAC are girls, the staff at ANU encouraged us to look to the needs of their boys as well. Do not forget the boys, they asked us.
2 EFAC Students Attending ANU

Another common thread in our conversations was not to rush to send students to the U.S. for post secondary education, but to urge them to take advantage of the many colleges and universities in Kenya with the possibility of post college education in Europe or the U.S.

They also informed us that a significant aspect of their educational system is that students face 18 months after secondary school and before college when they need to find something to do and somewhere to live. Internships are a possibility, but not available for every student. (Please chime in fellow Kenya visitors and add to the information I am providing here.)

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