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Zimbabwean Designer Shakes US, Europe Motor Industry thumbnailA Zimbabwean designer of stunning automotive products, Thokozani Mabena has brought a spark to the motor vehicle industry in the United States.

The Bulawayo born Mabena, 30, was honoured becoming the first Zimbabwean to feature on the famous Ted America’s Finest City program exclusively dedicated to his work this year.

From Gukurahundi to glory, Mabena who has become exposed to companies like BMW, is a designer who crafts from scratch automobiles and other money spinning products before they are built.

Speaking before a crowd of yearning hearts on the prestigious TV program, Mabena was seen ushering the people through highly captivating moments as he explained the design processes and most importantly exactly what motivates his creativity. He explained how he deliberately uses nature to shape his designs effortlessly. In one moment he brought the crowd to a standstill as he morphed a cheetah into a vehicle visual.

The crowd listens attentively to Thokozani Mabena

He later explained to ZimEye his passion is to design “vehicles of the future that respond to the environment”

Ted America’s Finest City program is a platform that allows people who have achieved strides in their passions and dreams, to share their experiences and breakthroughs to the world.

His life story – humble beginnings

Thoko has gone through thick and thin to rise to where he is today.

He told for him to go on Ted America’s Finest City: “in my case it was more of a miracle of divine intervention, We all go through tough times in our lives”, and he had just lost his job and then ironically had an opportunity to meet his angel of fortune, a man named Mr Graham Downes, who recognised his work, potential, and gave him a platform to end up speaking on Ted, and “that gave me platform to actually start something, ” he said.

Gukurahundi then Glory

Thoko who shares humble beginings from a child, graphically explains how he narrowly escaped being killed in the Gukurahundi massacres in 1983, at his mother’s side after many relatives had been killed.

Since then has endured the struggles of life defied all odds and managed to strike his fortunes within less than 10 years before reaching age 30.

A reading on the Ted America’s Finest City states: Mabena was born during the Gukurahundi years in 1983 and survived through those perilous times growing in poverty stricken family.

He began down his creative path when he was just three years old, and continued as he took full advantage of the opportunity to attend a high school that specialized in art and design

Industrial design at Promwad company.

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