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European University is the official educational partner of the new project, Crucero Business Networking

European University will be responsible for the networking aspect of the event, introducing on-board learning to the entrepreneurs attending. Four EU professors will be present on the cruise to give training sessions to companies participating in the event. Dr. Dirk Craen, President of European University, tells the EU business blog about his thoughts on the project, what the university will bring to the event and why it’s such a great idea.

1. Eight days together, sharing training sessions from the European University Business School, workshops, lunch, dinner … What do you think about the Business Networking Cruise project? How do you feel about this combination of training – leisure – business aboard a cruise?

If you want to give a global executive education in a short period, this is an optimal way to teach, because participants are in a relaxed environment. The advantage for the professors is that what they teach at sea, they can also show in the cities on stops. So what you teach on the boat, you can adapt on land. You can incorporate the French corporate culture, for example, as even if they are all Mediterranean cities, there are great differences between the Italian way, the French way and the Spanish way. So you teach them globalization.

European University Dr.Dirk Craen2 EU President, Dr. Craen Talks Nautical Networking2. Business Networking Cruise has had confidence in the European University Business School as partner in on-board training for our project: What can your school bring us? What is your philosophy and method of teaching?

This kind of project already exists in colleges in the U.S. They put their undergraduates at sea for a semester. But we believe that we are the first ones in Europe providing executive education at sea. Along with this new teaching model, we are also going to focus on new and innovative courses. On board the ship, you can have a two- or three-hour course on a specific topic like leisure management for example, and then you can observe it in practice, going from the shopping area to entertainment, and in the evening, you can even focus on restaurants and hotel management.

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